Madelia Health Converts Electronic Medical Records

Published On: July 17th, 2023|Categories: News|

Madelia, Minn. –  Madelia Health has started to convert all of our current medical records to a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system offered by the Oracle Cerner Corporation. An EMR conversion is a complex process that involves migrating all patient data from paper files and/or legacy electronic medical records to a single facility-wide electronic health record (EHR) system.

“We’re excited to start the transition to the new Oracle Cerner software,” said Brandon Provo, Clinical Informatics Specialist at Madelia Health, who is overseeing the Oracle Cerner conversion. “Eventually Oracle Cerner will make life easier for staff, but it will also allow patients to easily navigate and view their own health records. This is just one more way that Madelia Health is working to improve our patient’s experience.”

“Although we are confident that the conversion to Oracle Cerner will be positive long-term, initially it will be a transition for all of our front-line staff. We are asking for our patient’s support and patience as we learn this new, robust software,” said Provo.

This project offers a great opportunity to standardize and simplify the delivery of care. It will decrease the time patients spend filling out paperwork, while increasing the time they have in front of their doctor. Records can be easily and securely shared between caregivers providing a seamless way to document and review care provided while avoiding duplication, saving time and money. Standardization will also bring better communication between departments and providers.

Once complete, the Oracle Cerner implementation will allow for one chart to follow patients throughout the continuum of care at Madelia Health, or any other health care provider that uses Oracle Cerner for their EMR. Madelia Health patients will also have access to their own records using Oracle Cerner’s patient portal, and there will be just one patient portal for patients in the Clinic and the Hospital.

It is critical that rural health care providers like Madelia Health have the tools to help streamline clinical and administrative workflows and access patient data. This will enable us to deliver efficient, effective care for patients in the communities that we call home.

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