MCHC Becoming Madelia Health

Published On: April 19th, 2021|Categories: News|

The Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic (MCHC) is legally changing their name to Madelia Health. Very soon you will be seeing new signs, advertising and a new website reflecting this change.

“Branding is important. The way we look, communicate, and present our organization helps people understand who we are, how we act, and what we care about,” said MCHC CEO Jeff Mengenhausen. “In short, our brand helps us tell our story, and we want to make sure we’re telling the right one.”

Moving away from “Hospital & Clinic” also reflects the way MCHC has grown to serve the communities’ needs. Today, MCHC is not just a hospital & clinic, and they offer more services than ever before. This includes a new clinic and pharmacy in Lake Crystal, and conversion of the Madelia Ambulance Service to advanced life support (ALS). “Health” speaks to the way MCHC helps community members live their healthiest lives—with a focus on keeping well, not just treating them when sick. The Madelia Community Hospital Foundation will also be changing their name and branding to Madelia Health Foundation.

New Emblem in Logo:

The new Madelia Health emblem in the logo reflects the values of the organization.

  • The leaves and stem represent our local prairie and the agricultural focus of the communities we serve. It also represents the continuing growth of our facility to care for others in the area.
  • The human-like shape represents our patient-centered, family focused care, delivered throughout the continuum of life.
  • The M shape in the design represent our namesake – Madelia – the town that has supported our mission since 1918.
  • The horizon represents our ultimate goal of providing the best patient care in the area.

Along with the name change, this brand evolution is an opportunity for us to reaffirm what we’ve always stood for: providing our unique community and visitors with exceptional and individualized care. Now, our brand looks, sounds and feels as advanced, attentive, and community-focused as our care is.

The new brand will be rolled out in phases, to help reduce and spread out the costs of rebranding. All of the phone numbers will stay the same. Not all elements of the organization will be rebranded at once; new projects will be rebranded as they come up, and previous items will be redesigned as supplies run low. A few highly visible items, including our new website,, will be live soon. One should expect to see both the new and old logos displayed in the community and on campus for at least the next year.

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