Lake Crystal Pharmacy Personnel Hired

Published On: April 20th, 2020|Categories: News|

The Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic (MCHC) is thrilled to announce that we have fully staffed the Lake Crystal Pharmacy with some fantastic and experienced people!

Karmen Dather, RPh – Karmen is the Pharmacist in Charge at the Lake Crystal Pharmacy. She has 30 years of retail pharmacy experience and has been an invaluable asset in preparing the new pharmacy. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and was employed with Shopko in Fairmont and most recently at Family Fresh Market in St. Peter. With her strong compassion for people, she provides high quality patient care and education to promote health and wellbeing. We are excited to introduce Karmen to the community.

Samantha Knakmuhs – Sam is a Certified Pharmacy Technician with 14 years of experience in the retail pharmacy setting. She received her Certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and was most recently employed by Cub Pharmacy East in Mankato. Sam is dedicated to providing courteous and caring services to all patients.

Lynnette Jessen – Lynn is a Certified Pharmacy Technician with 14 years of experience in a retail pharmacy setting. She is also certified by the PTCB and has a strong passion towards helping and caring for others. Lynn and Karmen worked together previously at the K-Mart Pharmacy in Fairmont and we are happy to be reuniting this team.

Jane Malmskog, PharmD – Jane is the Director of Pharmacy at MCHC and will also be working at the Lake Crystal Pharmacy. She has a doctorate in Pharmacy from NDSU and has been employed at MCHC for 10 years. Jane has spearheaded the Lake Crystal Pharmacy project from its inception, and we are appreciative of her dedication and knowledge.

Although we have been working vehemently to open the pharmacy, we have experienced some delays due to the COVID19 pandemic. Responses from insurance companies and state offices have been slower than anticipated. We do plan to open soon and are fully licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy to do so. Watch the Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic Facebook page and for announcements.

Karmen Dather

Sam Knakmuhs

Sam Knakmuhs - Lake Crystal Pharmacy Personnel

Lynn Jessen

Lynn Jessen - Lake Crystal Pharmacy Personnel

Jane Malmskog

Jane Malmskog - Lake Crystal Pharmacy Personnel

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