Massage is Therapy for your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Whether seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a method of help to deal with the stresses of daily life or wanting to maintain good health, more and more people are turning to therapeutic massage.

Massage doesn’t just feel good. Research shows it reduces the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion and increases endorphins.

Madelia Health has a quiet, relaxing room for your massage, which is separate from the Physical Therapy treatment rooms. We employ certified massage therapists to effectively meet your needs.

Prior to your massage you will be asked to fill out a personal health form asking questions about your general health. This information is confidential and is designed to help the therapist understand your physical condition prior to beginning the massage. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have regarding the session with the therapist. It is important that you are comfortable during the massage and that you know your options.

To get the most out of your massage:

  • Be on time

  • Be an active participant in the session
  • Ask questions of your therapist
  • Make your wishes known
  • Let the therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any time
  • Above all, enjoy your massage

Most people feel very relaxed after having a massage. They often feel relief from aches and pains. After an initial period of feeling relaxed, people often experience increased energy. Some people experience muscle tenderness after a session especially if the muscles are not accustomed to massage or deep tissue work. To help prevent tenderness drink plenty of water before and after a session to hydrate and re-hydrate your body.

Massage therapy services do not “take the place” of medical treatment.
Massage is a “Complementary Therapy.”

Certified Massage Therapist:


Other hours may be available upon special request. Appointments are necessary.


  • 65 for 60 minutes

Full payment is to be made prior to the treatment at Physical Therapy front desk. A 24 hour cancellation is appreciated.

Massage Therapy Services