Each year we remember or honor our loved ones by placing lights on the Madelia Health Foundation Tree of Remembrance. The tree lights shine brightly from November 18th to January 3rd. This year people that donate can share a  memory of photo of their loved ones to be recognized with an online tribute shown below. Photos and stories have been submitted by their family or loved ones. This tribute page will remain active until November 1, 2024.

In memory of: Michael Provo by Brandon Provo

Michael, I miss you everyday. You were and are MY person, and just being around you took away all of the stress and anxiety of life. When we were together no one else mattered, it was us versus the world. I see now that together, we gave each other everything that our parents neglected to give us, and perhaps that is were our soul bond grew from. My childhood was a happy one, only because of you. I have no memories before seeing you in the NICU, on deaths doorstep at 6 weeks old, and as I stared into your eyes, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I vowed that day to protect you, and keep you safe so you’ll never end up here again. I can only hope now, that you felt that love, and that you know that you will always be more than a brother to me. Together we experience some of the best things this life can offer, we had real fun together. Whether we were on a spontaneous adventure, or just spending time together, it didn’t matter, it was always the best time. However, now that you are gone, I only feel halfway here, never able to reach that happiness again. But I did have it, and I cherish that fact. I had something many people spend their lives looking for, just that pure and unconditional love. There is nothing in the cosmos that could change that. If it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure I would know what real love is. I was recently told that Grief is the feeling you get when your love has nowhere to go, and I think that’s true. I thank you so much for the time we had together, and everything that you gave me. I lived a full life with you, and now I am just on bonus time. Until we meet again, I will love you always. XOXOXO

Miss you Bro, and Love you Bunches – Your Brother Brandon

In memory of: Ardell Fjeld by Carla Fjeld

Ardell, you will forever be in our hearts, especially at this holiday season. A time that was so special to you.

In memory of: Karen Whilm by Traci Henry

My mom loved Christmas, from decorating the Christmas tree to buying and wrapping the presents to making a big meal for the whole family.

In memory of: Dwayne Krenz by Allie Kiecker

Grandpa Krenz was my biggest fan, making a point to come to as many games as he could. Hauling me home from practices when I was little, and to camps in the summers. I am so thankful that he was able to drive me to school every morning, singing “Swanee River” as we passed over the Watonwan River. I wish that he would have been able to meet my kids, and be their biggest fan. “…what I wouldn’t give to ride around in that old truck with him. If heaven wasn’t so far away…”

In memory of: Anita Ann Moudry-Dalbec by Amber Figueroa

Gramma-Mom~ a true Angel taken way to soon. We love you and miss you more and more with each passing day. Keep on dancing with Jesus, we will be together again one day.

In memory of: Albert and Carole Ahern, Deryle Nesburg, and Colene & Juleen Distad by Michael Nesburg and Nancy Ahern

My parents (Albert and Carole) were family focused and every holiday was cause for celebration. I did not have the honor of meeting Michael’s dad. Deryle Nesburg passed away at the age of 24 and Michael was only 5 years old. My mother-in-law and Michael’s stepfather, Colene and Juleen, welcomed me into their family.


In memory of: Allan Josephson by Dona Rehome

I was “Daddy’s Girl” growing up. I have fond memories of Dad getting me up for school and making me breakfast that was served in the bathroom because I was always late. He would then drive me to school so I didn’t have to take the bus. I always knew if I was in trouble I could call Dad. He was the kindest, most gentle, generous and compassionate man. He valued God, family, his country, hard work, and having fun. I miss him every day.